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Give, and fine art will be given to you.

August 7th, 2011

If you give your hard-earned money to support conservation, well then, I just LOVE you.

I love you so much, I want to give you something.

Let’s start with a series of fine art posters by award-winning graphic designers, each designed exclusively for this quest and individually signed by the artist.

Let’s take a look…

Poster Series no. 01 – Understanding our Footprint (Maria Fabrizio – Riggs Partners)

In this design by Maria Fabrizio, a runner has left a footprint, represented by a large waddle (or is it rookery) of penguins. Everywhere humans go, we have an impact. The trick is understanding and controlling it, especially in a place as fragile as Antarctica. It should come as no surprise that the Antarctica Marathon is the greenest marathon on the planet.

We can leave a footprint that shows our love of and deep respect for animal species and vital ecosystems; one that signifies our responsibility and commitment to protecting them.

I love this poster, Maria.


Poster Series no. 02 – Protect Antarctica (Ryon Edwards – Riggs Partners)

Antarctica: It’s freakishly cold, includes the South Pole and penguins live there. Beyond this, not much is generally known. But there’s so much more to appreciate. Ryon Edwards shows here that these sentiments are just the tip of the iceberg.

Antarctica is as utterly fascinating and endlessly surprising. It supports some of the most important climate, meteorological, cosmological and paleontological science going. It’s marine ecosystem is bountifully rich and diverse. And yes, Antarctica’s connection to penguins is so powerful, the continent itself is scarcely imagined apart from their presence. As Antarctica changes, so changes the fortunes of these inimitably cute and cuddly birds.

Antarctica is worth understanding and protecting.

Ryon gets it.


Poster Series no. 03 – Save Another Part of the World (Vince McCall – Unpull)

It’s a wonderful thing that we humans can choose to reflect on and change our behavior. We can choose to protect other species. Vince McCall grasps this simple message.

I’m running the Antarctica Marathon to help Oceanites (Ocean-Eye-Tees) perform real-world conservation science by closely studying the penguin populations of the Antarctic Peninsula. The data collected forms a baseline for penguin conservation and environmental research. These numbers help us understand the plight of penguin species (Like that of the Adélie, pictured here) and affect policy.

When we understand something, we grow to love it. When we grow to love a species, we want to save it.

Well put, Vince.



Donate online at » 
It’s easy and secure. I’ll thank you effusively and contact you about your new artwork. If you’ve already donated, don’t worry. You’ll get your poster!


SIZE: 18″ X 24″
PAPER: Uncoated Finch Fine 80lb Cover; Bright White; Acid-Free (graciously donated by Tripaccarolinas)
PRINT METHOD: Ten-Color Heidleberg Press
PRINTER: Crowson Stone

Nothing says love like art.

– Dean



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  1. cathy monetti

    9:04 PM | August 10, 2011

    this is freakishly cool.
    what great design talent!

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