My name is Dean. I'm running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon to raise money for conservation and penguins!

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See me run with the penguins at Riverbanks Zoo on Saturday, December 10th!

December 2nd, 2011

On Saturday, December 10th, I will literally run with the penguins at the most excellent Riverbanks Zoo. You should come on out, have a great time, and say hello.

What time of day is best? Well, most anytime during normal operational hours (9am – 5pm) will be fine since I’ll be running at the penguin Exhibit ALL DAY LONG.


I’ll be on a treadmill at the epicenter of penguinmania 2011. I’ll start running in the morning and won’t stop until I clock something on the order of 50 miles.


Because I want you to be inspired by my outlandish audacity and donate to the fine cause of penguin conservation. Just because those little critters rate an 11 on the 1-10 cuteness scale doesn’t mean they don’t need our help.

We’ll have a grand time at the culmination of the Zoo’s penguin conservation week. There’ll be demonstrations, learning, fun for kids, and I’ll personally emcee the penguin feedings, without breaking stride.

So come watch me slog through countless revolutions of the dreaded treadmill. Come for the sheer spectacle of the thing. Donate because conservation is our collective responsibility.

Mostly, come visit the penguins. They love you. Seriously.

– Dean

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