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Sir Richard’s Antarctic Almanac

February 7th, 2012

I’m going to Antarctica for the marathon in just a few weeks. Richard Branson, legendary owner of the Virgin Group is on his way back from the frozen continent right now.

(Roughhewn Billionaire Sir Richard Branson – Image courtesy of Richard Burdett)

Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the travels of the famous. But this is different. Branson has been blogging about his journey, and he’s motivated to convey the importance and relevance of Antarctica.

I’m listening.

His words are perhaps best summed up in his seventh log: “Antarctica is a whole lot closer than you think.” You see, most people don’t know much about Antarctica beyond that it’s cold, has something to do with the South Pole and gives penguins a place to kick back and relax. But like most of nature’s evanescent wonder, there is far more to the last continent than meets the eye, and Branson is positively earnest about it.

As he blogs about his personal Antarctic excursion, Branson reminds me pointedly of Ron Naveen, leader of Oceanites, the non-profit conservation organization I’m supporting. Their passion is nearly synonymous.

Oceanites has written the book (literally) on decades of penguin population fluctuation on the Antarctic peninsula. The organization is doing the real-world data collection and analysis that leads to serious conservation and actionable policy. Oceanites’ work offers key insight into the warming poles and encourages the sort of thoughtful reflection that inspires action.

Branson would like Naveen instantly.

I’m inspired by Sir Richard’s ardor and I’m glad I’ve crossed paths with Oceanites. I hope you do as well, by giving to their important work.

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