My name is Dean. I'm running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon to raise money for conservation and penguins!

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Give and Ye Shall Receive

February 10th, 2012

I believe in reciprocity. Fear not, I won’t give you krill. Though if you were a penguin, you’d find that delectable. Alas, you are human. Donate to penguin conservation and I’ll give you more palatable rewards:

Video Thank You from the Frozen Continent
I’ll film a video shout-out to you direct from Antarctica. You’ll feel like you’ve been there, except you won’t get the slightest bit cold. Bonus: Your social network will flip.

Fine Art
Three amazing posters have been created for the occasion by graphic designers of enviable talent. Your poster will be signed and ready to adorn your home of office. Far better than an NPR coffee mug, these will instantly raise your coolness quotient.

What’s your favorite?

True Satisfaction
You’ll experience the joy of knowing you’ve contributed to real-world conservation, a beautiful thing to do with your hard-earned resources.

Tax Deduction
Foil the tax man! Oceanites is a 501(C)(3) organization. Your gift is delightfully tax deductible. Cha-ching!

Go for it! Donate Today! »

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Please give to, a wonderful non-profit dedicated to Antarctic Conservation and of course, penguins.

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Donate and GET STUFF!

All Donors receive:

A beautiful poster created for this occasion by award-winning graphic designers. Signed by the artist of course.

A video thank you from me, directly from Antarctica.

Satisfaction that you've done a good deed by supporting conservation!

(All donations are tax deductible as well!)