Dean is running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon to promote fitness and raise money for penguin conservation!



Because You’re Fancy

Tired of that boring iPhone 4/4S case? Yearn for something more interesting; something unique? Want to proclaim your love for penguins to all who see you chatting or texting?

Problem solved.

I am giving Waddler Cases to donors.
The wonderful people at Case-Mate have seen fit to give me a bunch of their iPhone 4/4S Waddler cases. I am giving them away (while supplies last) to folks who donate $100 or more to penguin conservation.

From his raised flipper to the attached webbed feet charm, the penguin-inspired design takes shape with colors and geometrical lines. Combining a textured silicone with modular sections of smooth, plastic colors, the playful case covers and protects your iPhone. The captivating charm of this flightless bird, including the innovative lay flat design, truly elevates him to womanizer status.

Waddle on over to my FirstGiving site to make your donation to this fine cause. Then drop me a line about which color Waddler you’d like!

– Dean


Fifty Miles with Penguins: My Uplifting Day at the Zoo…

Running 50 miles is a chore, yes, but it is a task made much easier when surrounded by friends, well-wishers, the incredible Zoo staff and of course, the wonderful penguins! A sense of community and purpose resounded from the birdhouse Saturday. I feel privileged to have been a part of it.

I began the day at 9:20 AM and finished up at 8:30pm. Through 5pm, I was inside the birdhouse right near the irresistibly cute penguins. I narrated the penguin feedings, joked with visitors, talked to the media and thoroughly enjoyed all the fantastic, inspiring artwork done by children. Later, I moved out to the main courtyard and finished up the run along with the jolly crowds enjoying Lights at the Zoo. I finished in just over eleven hours and honestly enjoyed every single minute.

I can’t say enough about our amazing Zoo. What a treasure, full of dedicated and passionate people. Special appreciation goes to Lexington Medical Center for the faithful support and huge banners. Thanks also to the Northwest YMCA for loaning the treadmill (they’ll have to forgive me if I avoid indoor cardio for a while).

Most excellent and humble thanks go to everyone who donated for the penguins on Saturday! You have done a great service to the cause of conservation. Now I hope you’ll go a bit further… encourage all your friends and colleagues to donate as well. Together we’ll reach this goal!

Donate to penguin conservation!

Thankful (and a bit tired),

– Dean


Sponsor an Hour of Penguin Running!

Businesses can get into the act as well. Sponsor an hour of running as I run with the penguins on Saturday, December 10th. You choose the hour. I’ll wear your T-shirt and extoll your virtues right from my Garth Brooks head set as I pound the treadmill into submission. By all means, bring a nice poster with your logo. We’ll proudly display it.

$300 nets you this fine opportunity to proclaim your support of conservation to thousands of Zoo visitors!

Drop me a line and we’ll set it up.

Or, heck, you can just donate online right now.

– Dean


Donate based on how many miles I complete on Saturday the 10th!

I expect to run 50 miles with the penguins of Riverbanks Zoo. Will I reach this goal? Your donation based on how many miles I run will propel me through the rigors of the day.

If my math can be trusted, a donation one dollar for every mile I run would net $50 dollars toward the fine cause of penguin conservation.

You kind donation will be greatly appreciated!

– Dean


Must. Beat. Penguin.

The Governor’s Cup Half Marathon (Saturday, Nov. 5th) is a storied race here in South Carolina. It’s one of the toughest half marathons around. Don’t believe me? The delirious uphill slogs, Killborne and Blossom Streets, would like a word with you in private. Blossom alone makes one wonder what the course planner was smoking. Its apocalyptic hill is mercilessly situated just past mile twelve, stretching nearly to the finish.

Naturally, I am running. But there’s a twist. A glutton for punishment, I shall run the Governor’s Cup dressed in a head-to-toe penguin suit.

But that’s not all.

Race organizers have agreed to let me run ‘Charity Chase” style. I will quite literally start the race in LAST PLACE. After the entire field has set off, I will toe the starting line and launch myself after the pack. I will catch as many runners as my polyester-encased legs can manage.

This means that you, intrepid runner, need to double your efforts and steel your will for the arduous race ahead. No one wants to be caught by a sweaty penguin.

Especially not on Blossom street.

Donate! »
Follow the Governor’s Cup and donate an amount for each runner I beat in the race!

More about this whacky stunt »

RSVP or pledge on the facebook »


Maniacs for Penguins!

Fellow Maniacs,

Those outside our sub-culture don’t understand us. They hardly know what a marathon is. But the initiated are different. When you, determined maniac, announce you’re running a marathon in each of the fifty states, I don’t stand aghast. I admire your pluck. When you finally achieve Osmium Level with your sick and twisted, four marathon QUADZILLA, I don’t call a psychiatrist on your behalf, I celebrate with you. In short, we understand each other.

So, when I say I’m running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon, I don’t have to explain why I’m doing it, or assure you that, in fact, I’m not kidding. You get it, and I appreciate that.

But let’s go a bit beyond the mutual admiration of our respective ill-advised athletic feats. I’m calling on all Maniacs for help.

I’m running the Antarctica Marathon to call attention to the fragile Antarctic ecosystem and to raise money for penguin conservation and science. We share the same passion for running, and I know that many, many of you share my passion for the natural world.

The Challenge:
I challenge the Maniacs to raise a total of $3,000 for our friends the penguins by November 2011. There’s over 4000 Maniacs out there. This works out to about 75 cents per Maniac, give or take.

What You Get:
For your maniacal generosity, I will give you:

A Freakishly Cool Antarctic Conservation Poster
I’m commissioned three original works of jaw-dropping graphic design to commemorate this Antarctic quest. Each 18″ X 24″ poster is signed by the artist.

See them up close »

A Personal, Recorded Shout-Out Direct from Antarctica
You’ll receive a recorded thank-you direct from the frozen continent itself.

Hunks and Hunks of Digital Love
I’ll regale your generosity on this site, and trumpet your thoughtfulness across the the social media world.

Give over $100 and I’ll Write Your Next Race Report
I write about the running sub-culture at Give over $100 bucks, and I’ll interview you and author your next race report. Rampant exaggeration of your exploits and outright lies about your prowess are included in the deal, of course.

DONATE ONLINE » (It’s super-easy)
Just click the “Donate” link on the right column of this page. You’ll go right to my FirstGiving secure donation page.

– Dean
Maniac #540 (Iridium Level)

If cumulative Maniac donations exceed $3,000, I will swim naked in the ice-filed Southern Ocean (filmed of course). Not kidding.


SONIC Penguinfest!

Come on out and dine with the deanguin!

WHEN: Tonight (Thursday, July 21st) – 5-8pm
WHERE: SONIC (Ballentine/Irmo) – near the brand spankin’ new Walmart

10% of earnings (and all tips) between 5 and 8pm go to Oceanites and the penguins!

– Dean


(Deadline 03/2012)

Raised so far!

Please give to, a wonderful non-profit dedicated to Antarctic Conservation and of course, penguins.

Heck Yeah!
I want to donate!

Donate and GET STUFF!

All Donors receive:

A beautiful poster created for this occasion by award-winning graphic designers. Signed by the artist of course.

A video thank you from me, directly from Antarctica.

Satisfaction that you've done a good deed by supporting conservation!

(All donations are tax deductible as well!)