Dean is running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon to promote fitness and raise money for penguin conservation!



To the Frozen Continent…

We’ll I’m off!

On March first, I’ll begin my trek to Antarctica by flying to Buenos Aires, then on to Tierra del Fuego. I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for your support, encouragement, help, and donations.

Our Accomplishment
Together, we have made a huge difference for Antarctic preservation and penguin conservation. So far, we’ve given over $28,000 for Antarctic penguin research and $2,500 for Humboldt penguin conservation in Peru. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s well over $30,000 and counting. I’m completely blown away by the response.

My site will continue to receive donations while I’m away. Please continue to encourage others to support conservation!

Follow the Adventure
I’ll be posting regularly on facebook and twitter during my journey. I may be able to update this site as well. I’ll do my best, but at some point, I’ll be decidedly off the grid.

When I return, I’ll have a cavalcade of images, video and thoughts to share with you and some special items from the trip to auction at a gathering.

The penguins and I love you!


Live Long and Prosper, Penguinkind.

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Top Ten Reasons to Donate to Penguin Conservation

T-minus 29 days and counting.
For everyone on the fence vis-á-vis donating, all me to persuade you:

No portion of your donation will go to protecting penguin-eating polar bears (if for no other reason than that polar bears are separated from penguins by an equator, several oceans and most of humanity).

Because someone must be on the front lines to assure that THIS never happens again.

I am shameless. I will do pretty much anything while in Antarctica for a large enough donation. (See reason number 4.)

Earth has only two poles. Pick a side. (South)

Impress all of your black-clad, hipster, graphic design friends with your original penguin conservation poster signed by the artist.

Penguins are undeniably the cutest birds on the planet. If they were common in temperate zones, they would thoroughly dominate We wouldn’t even know kittens existed.

If I achieve my fundraising goal, I promise to swim nekkid amongst the icebergs of the Southern Ocean (for better or worse in full view of several cell-phone cameras).

If you’re just not that into penguins, your donation supporting research at the bottom of the globe will finally prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world is not flat. This has to count for something.

Shaw, gregarious and talented rockhopper penguin from the Riverbanks Zoo, personally approves of this cause. He told me this one day while trying to eat my shoelaces.

Don’t be beaten in a road race by a six-foot tall penguin ever again.

Donate online at »
– Dean




See me run with the penguins at Riverbanks Zoo on Saturday, December 10th!

On Saturday, December 10th, I will literally run with the penguins at the most excellent Riverbanks Zoo. You should come on out, have a great time, and say hello.

What time of day is best? Well, most anytime during normal operational hours (9am – 5pm) will be fine since I’ll be running at the penguin Exhibit ALL DAY LONG.


I’ll be on a treadmill at the epicenter of penguinmania 2011. I’ll start running in the morning and won’t stop until I clock something on the order of 50 miles.


Because I want you to be inspired by my outlandish audacity and donate to the fine cause of penguin conservation. Just because those little critters rate an 11 on the 1-10 cuteness scale doesn’t mean they don’t need our help.

We’ll have a grand time at the culmination of the Zoo’s penguin conservation week. There’ll be demonstrations, learning, fun for kids, and I’ll personally emcee the penguin feedings, without breaking stride.

So come watch me slog through countless revolutions of the dreaded treadmill. Come for the sheer spectacle of the thing. Donate because conservation is our collective responsibility.

Mostly, come visit the penguins. They love you. Seriously.

– Dean


Penguin sighted on streets of Columbia!

Things went well today! I got up on the right side of the bed, er, nest today and had a good run at the Governor’s Cup half marathon…

I wore the penguin costume the whole way (hotter than Columbia in August) and started in last place, asking folk to pledge support to penguin conservation based on the number of runners I beat in the race.

Well, I was fortunate to come in 187th place with a time of 1:48:37. There were 691 runners in the field. I caught 504 of them. My apologies to the guy at mile 11. Really, I couldn’t see a thing in that outfit.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I came in first in the “Flightless Aquatic Foul” division.

Donations most welcome. The penguins will appreciate you, and so will I!

– D


How many runners will I catch at the Governor’s Cup 1/2 Marathon?

At the 2011 Governor’s Cup Half Marathon this Saturday (Nov. 5th) a weirdo in a penguin suit will start the race in last place.

I am that weirdo.

As the mascot for team LexMed, I care about fitness and aim to catch as many runners as possible. I want you to donate to support penguin conservation based on the number of runners I beat.

But how many runners will fall to the penguin?

I’m targeting a sub two hour finish. Sure, the suit is hotter than a sauna on the surface of Venus. Sure, I can breathe only through a one-inch gap at the base of the enormous mask. And yeah, I won’t be able to see well at all. But I’m feeling spry.

If I achieve my goal, I’ll beat about 55%-60% of the field. At between 700 and 800 half-marathoners, I may very well catch as many as 400.

I will show no mercy on Blossom street.

Send me a note if you want to pledge an amount per runner I catch. I’ll post the results, and you can do some grammar school math to determine the donation!

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For the record, we are going to roast OYSTERS (not penguins).

Together, we’re in the business of penguin conservation. We would in no way choose to roast them, regardless of venue or occasion.

So, on October 25th, we will roast OYSTERS at Irmo’s historic Inglewood Manor plantation. Join us for a silent auction featuring remarkable items like an African eco-Safari, Smokey Mountain vacation getaway, and original artwork created by Gentoo penguins (really).

You also will be treated to a performance by THE RESTORATION, a wonderful band that fuses what I can only describe as Folk and Southern Gothic styles.

All Details (includes pictures) »

Getting Tickets (Advanced purchase ONLY)
Tickets are being sold IN ADVANCE, $25 for one person, but only $35 for a couple, so bring a date!

Call (803) 252-9896 X116
Give me a shout on the Facebook

Hope to see you there!

– Deanguin

(Deadline 03/2012)

Raised so far!

Please give to, a wonderful non-profit dedicated to Antarctic Conservation and of course, penguins.

Heck Yeah!
I want to donate!

Donate and GET STUFF!

All Donors receive:

A beautiful poster created for this occasion by award-winning graphic designers. Signed by the artist of course.

A video thank you from me, directly from Antarctica.

Satisfaction that you've done a good deed by supporting conservation!

(All donations are tax deductible as well!)