Dean is running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon to promote fitness and raise money for penguin conservation!



Penguin sighted on streets of Columbia!

Things went well today! I got up on the right side of the bed, er, nest today and had a good run at the Governor’s Cup half marathon…

I wore the penguin costume the whole way (hotter than Columbia in August) and started in last place, asking folk to pledge support to penguin conservation based on the number of runners I beat in the race.

Well, I was fortunate to come in 187th place with a time of 1:48:37. There were 691 runners in the field. I caught 504 of them. My apologies to the guy at mile 11. Really, I couldn’t see a thing in that outfit.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I came in first in the “Flightless Aquatic Foul” division.

Donations most welcome. The penguins will appreciate you, and so will I!

– D

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How many runners will I catch at the Governor’s Cup 1/2 Marathon?

At the 2011 Governor’s Cup Half Marathon this Saturday (Nov. 5th) a weirdo in a penguin suit will start the race in last place.

I am that weirdo.

As the mascot for team LexMed, I care about fitness and aim to catch as many runners as possible. I want you to donate to support penguin conservation based on the number of runners I beat.

But how many runners will fall to the penguin?

I’m targeting a sub two hour finish. Sure, the suit is hotter than a sauna on the surface of Venus. Sure, I can breathe only through a one-inch gap at the base of the enormous mask. And yeah, I won’t be able to see well at all. But I’m feeling spry.

If I achieve my goal, I’ll beat about 55%-60% of the field. At between 700 and 800 half-marathoners, I may very well catch as many as 400.

I will show no mercy on Blossom street.

Send me a note if you want to pledge an amount per runner I catch. I’ll post the results, and you can do some grammar school math to determine the donation!

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Must. Beat. Penguin.

The Governor’s Cup Half Marathon (Saturday, Nov. 5th) is a storied race here in South Carolina. It’s one of the toughest half marathons around. Don’t believe me? The delirious uphill slogs, Killborne and Blossom Streets, would like a word with you in private. Blossom alone makes one wonder what the course planner was smoking. Its apocalyptic hill is mercilessly situated just past mile twelve, stretching nearly to the finish.

Naturally, I am running. But there’s a twist. A glutton for punishment, I shall run the Governor’s Cup dressed in a head-to-toe penguin suit.

But that’s not all.

Race organizers have agreed to let me run ‘Charity Chase” style. I will quite literally start the race in LAST PLACE. After the entire field has set off, I will toe the starting line and launch myself after the pack. I will catch as many runners as my polyester-encased legs can manage.

This means that you, intrepid runner, need to double your efforts and steel your will for the arduous race ahead. No one wants to be caught by a sweaty penguin.

Especially not on Blossom street.

Donate! »
Follow the Governor’s Cup and donate an amount for each runner I beat in the race!

More about this whacky stunt »

RSVP or pledge on the facebook »

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Oyster Roast (Tuesday, October 25th)

Can finally hear Southern Gothic/Folk music, courtesy of THE RESTORATION. Incidentally, I have it on good authority that the lead singer reverentially keeps a rather huge Freddie Mercury Action figure on his desk at work. This is an undeniably good sign.

Bid on a near-mint copy of The Amazing Spider Man #252 (circa 1984). If I have to tell you how drop-dead fantastic this is, chances are you may bid on the luxury Cabin Smoky Mountain weekend getaway instead.

Have you senses turned upside-down by the curious juxtaposition of Southern plantation ethos, penguin monomania, roasted bivalve mollusks, and Halloween décor.

See man in penguin suit. (Somehow this will be VERY different from all the other times you have witnessed this.)

Meet Mr. Ron Naveen, conservationist, penguin scientist, CEO of Oceanites, author of several conservation books, lead investigator for the Antarctic Site Inventory, and Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic Hero of the Planet. He will undoubtedly encourage you to recycle.

If you have been to both the Okra Strut and the Oyster Roast, you will now be fully versed on all aspects of high Irmo culture.

Get a postbellum vibe from an antebellum home.

See legitimate, actual works of art created by Gentoo and King penguins. Not kidding.

Get a tax deduction for eating oysters. Seriously.

As a resident of a positively sweltering state, you can bask in the raw irony of fostering Antarctic conservation.

EVENT DETAILS (pictures and everything!) »
(Tickets are ADVANCED PURCHASE only.)

– Dean

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For the record, we are going to roast OYSTERS (not penguins).

Together, we’re in the business of penguin conservation. We would in no way choose to roast them, regardless of venue or occasion.

So, on October 25th, we will roast OYSTERS at Irmo’s historic Inglewood Manor plantation. Join us for a silent auction featuring remarkable items like an African eco-Safari, Smokey Mountain vacation getaway, and original artwork created by Gentoo penguins (really).

You also will be treated to a performance by THE RESTORATION, a wonderful band that fuses what I can only describe as Folk and Southern Gothic styles.

All Details (includes pictures) »

Getting Tickets (Advanced purchase ONLY)
Tickets are being sold IN ADVANCE, $25 for one person, but only $35 for a couple, so bring a date!

Call (803) 252-9896 X116
Give me a shout on the Facebook

Hope to see you there!

– Deanguin

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Dine with the Deanguin at the Harbison SONIC!

East delicious hamburgers! Have a Berry Slush! See a grown man acting like a complete idiot in a penguin costume!

Come out to the Harbison SONIC Wednesday! Students, drop by before heading to Eastlake!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 12 – 5-8pm
WHERE: SONIC (Harbison Boulevard)

10% of earnings (and all tips) between 5 and 8pm go to Penguin conservation. Awesome!

– Dean


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Maniacs for Penguins!

Fellow Maniacs,

Those outside our sub-culture don’t understand us. They hardly know what a marathon is. But the initiated are different. When you, determined maniac, announce you’re running a marathon in each of the fifty states, I don’t stand aghast. I admire your pluck. When you finally achieve Osmium Level with your sick and twisted, four marathon QUADZILLA, I don’t call a psychiatrist on your behalf, I celebrate with you. In short, we understand each other.

So, when I say I’m running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon, I don’t have to explain why I’m doing it, or assure you that, in fact, I’m not kidding. You get it, and I appreciate that.

But let’s go a bit beyond the mutual admiration of our respective ill-advised athletic feats. I’m calling on all Maniacs for help.

I’m running the Antarctica Marathon to call attention to the fragile Antarctic ecosystem and to raise money for penguin conservation and science. We share the same passion for running, and I know that many, many of you share my passion for the natural world.

The Challenge:
I challenge the Maniacs to raise a total of $3,000 for our friends the penguins by November 2011. There’s over 4000 Maniacs out there. This works out to about 75 cents per Maniac, give or take.

What You Get:
For your maniacal generosity, I will give you:

A Freakishly Cool Antarctic Conservation Poster
I’m commissioned three original works of jaw-dropping graphic design to commemorate this Antarctic quest. Each 18″ X 24″ poster is signed by the artist.

See them up close »

A Personal, Recorded Shout-Out Direct from Antarctica
You’ll receive a recorded thank-you direct from the frozen continent itself.

Hunks and Hunks of Digital Love
I’ll regale your generosity on this site, and trumpet your thoughtfulness across the the social media world.

Give over $100 and I’ll Write Your Next Race Report
I write about the running sub-culture at Give over $100 bucks, and I’ll interview you and author your next race report. Rampant exaggeration of your exploits and outright lies about your prowess are included in the deal, of course.

DONATE ONLINE » (It’s super-easy)
Just click the “Donate” link on the right column of this page. You’ll go right to my FirstGiving secure donation page.

– Dean
Maniac #540 (Iridium Level)

If cumulative Maniac donations exceed $3,000, I will swim naked in the ice-filed Southern Ocean (filmed of course). Not kidding.

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(Deadline 03/2012)

Raised so far!

Please give to, a wonderful non-profit dedicated to Antarctic Conservation and of course, penguins.

Heck Yeah!
I want to donate!

Donate and GET STUFF!

All Donors receive:

A beautiful poster created for this occasion by award-winning graphic designers. Signed by the artist of course.

A video thank you from me, directly from Antarctica.

Satisfaction that you've done a good deed by supporting conservation!

(All donations are tax deductible as well!)